28 February 2011


I named this hair style my-silly-self. She was wearing a ladybug dress to church so I went with the theme. Its' just the middle two piggytails of a crown with ballies on them. I''ll branch out into more different hair styles soon, I promise! Though it's simple I had to share 'cause there's not too much you can do with a baby's hair who sleeps on her back, and also because I thought it looked so cute with the ladybug dress. Having a girl is so much fun! If you look at the parts in the last picture you will see that the section of hair on your right is larger than the section of hair on your left. That's because I do not put the parts in the same place for two hair styles in a row. Even if it means the part is not in the middle of her hair still put the parts in different places every time just so the hair isn't always getting pulled in one direction. These curls were treated with coconut oil the day before and a bit of sprayed in water and patted in conditioner to calm the frizzies.

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