24 February 2011

Baby Crown With Bangs

Okay, okay, so it's basically the same hair style as the last one posted, yes, but I had to share 'cause I love it with bangs even more. Sooo cute! It's done the same way, of course, just used a hair comb to keep the bangs out of the way. It think I'm gonna switch to section clips instead of hair combs. They'll probably hold better. I haven't put any hair pretties like ballies or barrettes in her hair yet because the ones I bought were just too big for her little bitty baby head. I'm gonna get some smaller ones and then you'll see some fancy lookin' hair! Also in these pictures you can see what I'm talking about on the "Our Hair Care Routine" page under "Conditioning". This is how her hair curls if I do not wash any conditioner out and let it dry naturally. It's still just barely wet in these pictures. The conditioner is not only a moisturizer, but also acts as a protectant. Beautiful!

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  1. that's adorable, she has the cutest curls and you did a great job with them! :-)


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