12 February 2011

Baby Crown

Other than the headband style this is the first style I've attempted. From what I remember growing up in the South it's called a "crown". Babies should sleep on their backs at least until the age of nine months so you can't really do the back of their hair. Looks easy but can be quite a struggle to get baby girl to hold still long enough to get those parts straight. Especially if you're a beginner like me. I used a tail comb, but she is a squirmer. I use Proclaim rubber bands because they won't damage hair. Got them at Sally's. Something I found that looks better is if you put the last wrap of the rubber band around the bottom instead of the top. I keep her hair moisturized with 100% pure coconut oil that I get from Nutiva. It makes the hair coming out the rubber bands go right into a curl. Her hair is actually about three inches long, but curls up because it's so moisturized. I promise to get close up pics on future dos. There aren't really any instructions on how to do this. I used hair combs to hold back the hair I was not rubber banding. Make sure you comb the hair before you rubber band it. Otherwise the curls will show in the base of the piggytail and it'll look messy.

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