28 February 2011

A Transracial Family

I found an article on Adoptive Parenting that I really like and want to share:
"Becoming a transracial family is becoming a 'highly visible' family. While in some areas and in some places and situations your family may blend in to some degree, chances are that no matter where you live, as a transracial adoptive family, your family is going to get some extra attention when you are out and about.
"A lot of the attention my family gets is positive. A lot of people stop to tell us that our kids are beautiful or something like that. However we also get our fair share of questions (some just out of curiosity, some really prying, some down-right rude) and every once and awhile we get a really rude comment.
"How I respond depends a lot on where I am, what my mood is and most importantly, who is listening. My advise for handling rude/prying questions and comments when your kids are around and old enough to understand is to always say what you want your kids to hear. Kids hear everything, even when you think they aren't listening (or they want you to think they aren't listening), and as much as I would like to shoot back a witty comment or a rude reply to some of the things people say to me, I most often bite my tongue because I know my kids are paying attention.


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