28 March 2011

Black History Books

I wish the title of this post could read just "History Books", but it seems as if there are white history books and black history books, and not ones where they, and other races, are all included. Sure there were some blacks mentioned in my school's history books, but they were only the people who had to do with slavery and/or civil rights like Harriet Tubman or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (See "I Am A Black Mother" for details.)
I will start a black history book list HERE that you can use to help supplement your children's education. Though I have a few years before my children go to school, I am starting to think about this stuff now because I can't teach what I don't know myself. Of course I've forgotten most of the history lessons I learned when I was at school though. Still, never hurts to be prepared. Though I have not read any of the books I will list yet, they will be ones that have received great reviews.

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