01 March 2011

Skin Care

The reason I haven't posted anything on skin care yet is because I am not decided on any particular routine or product. My daughter has mild eczema in patches and I have talked with our pediatrician about it. She said any white, creamy, fragrance free lotion would do. We have used

The California Baby products worked okay. They were just too watery. The Aquaphor worked well, but I would not recommend spreading it all over. Just use it for spot treatments. It clogs pores. While we're talking about clogged pores, the same goes for petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Also, never put petroleum jelly on your baby's hair, and make sure any hair products you try do not contain sulfates. Petroleum jelly clogs skin pores and hair pores and promotes slow hair growth. Sulfates are extremely drying to your baby's skin, scalp, and hair. I don't even use it on my white son. Nope! No Johnson & Johnson at this house. Back to skin. The best by far is the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream. It is think and creamy and soaks into the skin easily and lasts for two or three days. Two or three days people! That's amazing. With the California Baby I was having to apply it every day, sometimes twice a day. Our pediatrician suggested for eczema spots. We haven't tried it yet because the Aveeno has worked well. I noticed that Vanicream has petroleum in it, but it's not pure petroleum jelly so I'm sure it's fine for spot treatments. Avoid any product with mineral oils. It also clogs skin pores and hair pores. I want to find a good moisturizing cream I can buy in bulk. Sure, you can use your coconut oil! It's works very well, but I prefer to find a cream. I'm sure I could find some good suggestions if I google, and I plan to. I just haven't done it yet. I will keep you updated on my skin care discoveries. I've found my hair care gems. There's got to be a gem for skin care too.

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  1. I just came across your blog, from transratial adoption site. I have been using coconut oil on my daughter's hair AND her skin. It is one of the few things that are working for us. She has bad exzema that will break open if not watched. No lotions or creams have worked well for us. Have you tried shea butter? I need to get some and give it a try. A lot of the hair blogs I follow us it in their hair too.

  2. I just got some skin products from Basa Body and we are loving them on my AA son's skin (mine too for that matter). They have minimal ingredients and the Basa Stick is just coconut oil and beeswax and does wonders for his problem dry spots. Their stuff also helps women in Africa and that makes me happy.

  3. Stacie, I tried it and like it! Thanks! I have not tried shea butter. Will have to give it a go too! Thanks so much!

  4. Ooo. Jen, I'll have to look it up. Always looking for tried and tested products! Awesome that the products also help women in Africa. :thumbs up:


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