19 March 2011

Thirteen Things

I found this post on foreverparents.com and thought it interesting enough to want to share.

Thirteen things to consider before adopting transracially.

"Adopting a child of a different race is not something everybody is comfortable doing. Two of my three children are biracial (african american/caucasian) and and my husband & I are caucasian. My third child is caucasian although she is biologically related to her siblings. Because they came home to us as a multiracial sibling group, they don’t have a lot of the racial issues other people may sometimes have with a racially mixed family. Here’s 13 things to consider before you adopt transracially.

1. Your family dynamics will forever change and you will now be a racially mixed family, not a “caucasian family with a asian (or black) child”.
2. If you have any racists in your family, now would be a good time to have a talk with them.
3. If you live in an all white community, how will your child be treated?
4. How will you feel about your child, this person who is now part of your family, if others treat him/her differently because of their skin color?


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