19 March 2011

What Is The Best Neighborhood For A Transracial Family?

I google things a lot. I am a gal who loves to find out as much as she can about something then make my own opinion about it or make my own decision about what to do about it. I research. Google is awesome for this.

I googled the question in the title out of curiosity and was surprised to find a fellow blogger who posed the same question. I have been led to her blog through a google more than once, but have gotten the impression that this woman is just too liberal for my taste. I don't mean politically. I really don't get into politics which is admittedly a downfall of mine. Everyone should "get into politics". It's an hard-earned American right.

Back to the gal who posed the same question. Maybe I judged too soon? I plan on investigating further. For now, have a look at the responses she received to this question: Ask ARP: What is the best neighborhood for a transracial family?

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