28 April 2011

As Of Late

If you're a Facebook fan of I Am A Black Mother then you have somewhat of an idea why I've been absent lately. I've mentioned that it's been busy at our house, but I haven't said how. Well, there's been a car accident where no one was hurt, but our family car was totaled. We've been dealing with the other guy's insurance company for two weeks or so and that's finally over. Then there's been a dead phone, a busy fun Easter weekend, sick babies, and a few other small things that became large things with all this other stuff mixed in.
Then there's the fact that it's Spring. Spring is a wonderful time of year, but for me it is mixed with sadness. At this time of year when life springs anew I am reminded of the life that was taken from our family. This is not her blog though so I will not elaborate here.
Point is I have not forgotten my journey of learning what it means to be a black mother. I have been taking a brief respite. Sometimes all a person needs is a bit of time to one's thoughts. Despite the business as of late I have had this time. It has done me good.

I have returned with good news! The promised giveaway, though delayed, is coming soon! In fact, the donated item is on it's way to me as we "speak" and the giveaway will begin the moment it arrives! Stay tuned!

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