11 April 2011

First Flat Twists

I've been thinking about a new way to do baby girl's hair, and thought I came up with this great idea only to find out it's been done since forever. Silly me. I even found a video of it on one of my fav black hair websites Keep Me Curly. So from now on I'm just gonna look around on my fav black hair websites for hair videos and just do what they do. Much easier than racking my brain for no reason. Mercy.

My flat twists didn't turn out as tight and pretty as they could have, but maybe that's because I'm doing them on a wiggle worm baby. A gal at church asked me how I get Destiny to sit still and I said, "I don't. I move with her." It's quite funny to watch. Will have to get hubby to video a bit of it one Saturday night. I usually do her hair once a week, but I'm not sure my flat twists are good enough to hold that long. If, or should I say when, they get loose in a couple days I'll just redo them since I already have the parts in place. Parts are tough to accomplish on my baby.

I didn't attempt cornrows because it takes longer and I knew little miss just wouldn't sit for it. Besides, I don't think her hair is quite long enough for an inexperienced momma's fingers to work with. One day. For now, I really like these flat twists. If you watch the video start at 3:38 to see the flat twists instructions.

Oh, and I just had to get a pic of her mohawk that happened while I was parting her hair. (First pic.) Too cute.

The next to the last picture shows off her two brand new teeth. She worked hard for those things!

The last pic is just before church Sunday morning. Now you know why I chose bright green and yellow hair pretties - they match her dress! I bought the hair snaps from Snapaholics.

No my carpet isn't dirty. That's just where it has been pushed the opposite way by passing feet and created shadows. Had to mention it.

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