17 April 2011

Look What I Bought

You're gonna laugh.
Yep, a Disney princess doll. I know I just got finished sayin' I didn't want my girl to get into the Disney princess thing, but this doll was just too cute. Oh well. She's the little girl version of Tiana and has on a modest dress instead of that Barbie no strap thing. It's a beautiful doll with beautiful hair and eyes. Besides, Destiny's too little to know what a Disney princess is yet. She'll just like the princess crown. She's also too little to play with the doll you say? Well, yeah. I'm savin' it for her. Do one year old little girls play with dolls? My boy carried around stuffed animals at that age. I'll just wait and see what kind of things she likes. It'll either be for her first birthday or for Christmas. Found it at Walmart by the way. Was pleasantly surprised.

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  1. My daughter got her first doll at 9 months for Christmas and she hasn't stopped loving them since.
    My friend is doing a doll giveaway you should check it out. Ends today. http://adoptioncreatesfamilies.blogspot.com/2011/04/finding-dolls-who-match-our-children.html


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