30 November 2011

Lulu's Busy Day

"A perfect first picture book."
by Caroline Uff

"Come and spend a busy day with Lulu - in the park with the ducks and home again for playtime, dinnertime, and bedtime."

This is a cute little book perfect for young children. It is one of my son's favorites. It follows Lulu through one of her normal busy days. It's not about adoption or transracial families. The reason I post about it is that it shows friends of different races playing in a book for very young children. Lulu could be Caucasian or Hispanic, and she meets up with her best friend in the park who could be Hispanic, but looks African American to me. My two year old has it just about memorized, the words are so little kid friendly. "High high, up in the sky. Lulu plays on the swings with her best friend." Great, great book.

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