07 April 2011

"Growing Up Black In White" Giveaway

My first giveaway! You have no idea how excited I am about this.

I received a comment on my post "Transracial Adoption Video - My Thoughts". The comment reads,
"Great to see you tackling some difficult subjects. I am a tranracial adoptee, author, and speaker and encourage TRA families to talk about the tough stuff.
You can find out more about me and my book, GROWING UP BLACK IN WHITE, my memoir of my experience growing up as a transracial adoptee.
I also write a blog to adoptive and TRA families @ http://kevinhofmann.com"

I was immediately intrigued. I promised myself to find out more about this person and his work. What a treasure to learn about transracial parenting from someone who had been transracially parented!

From amazon.com:
"Growing Up Black in White is author Kevin Hofmann's gift to the American public seeking answers to so many questions about what it is to be raised in a racially diverse household. Born to a white mother and black father in Detroit in 1967, only weeks before the terrible race riots that brought a major city to its knees, the author was taken to a foster home and then adopted by a white minister and his wife, already the parents of three biological children. In this fascinating memoir, Hofmann reveals the difficulties and joys of being part of this family, particularly during a time and in a location where acceptance was tentative and emotions regarding race ran high and hot. Hofmann shares with readers the pressures and joys of being part of a family that navigated through tumultuous waters, and came out the victors in an old and oft-fought battle. This is a book that offers insight, humor, and plenty of hope. "

Mr. Kevin Hofmann also has a great blog transracial adoptive parents should read, share, and subscribe to: My Mind On Paper. Check it out.

On April 28, 2011, 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM, Mr. Kevin Hofmann is hosting a webinar titled "Transcultural X: The 10 Essentials For Successful Transcultural Adoption".
"One could argue that all adoptions are transcultural since simply coming from one family environment to other is a journey from one culture to another. With that in mind it is important we understand the dynamics of transcultural adoption.
In this lecture/ open discussion workshop you will learn the 10 things all transcultural parents and professionals should know about adopting transculturally. Some of the topics we will discuss are: Preparing for the “unprepareable,” Designing a CCP(cultural connection plan), and Love ain’t gonna keep you dry. Join Kevin for some laughs and maybe some tears, as we explore how to get this thing done right.
The workshop will be a combination of lecture, open discussion and group exercises as he shares from his own experiences as a transracial adoptee as well as from the experiences of other transcultural adoptees and families he’s worked with. Kevin will also candidly share what his parents did right, what they should have addressed, and what they could have done better. Each participant will leave the workshop with a list of ten topics that they can concentrate on to help meet the needs of their clients or their own transcultural children."

Anyone can log on and be a part of this webinar via the internet. Learn more about it HERE or HERE.

Mr. Kevin Hofmann has agreed to give a copy of his book, "Growing Up Black In White" to the winner of this giveaway! The winner has two options: (1)receive a copy signed by Mr. Hoffman from me or (2) receive a personalized and signed copy from Mr. Hofmann!
I will admit, I have not read this book, but not because I haven't taken the time. I just learned about it yesterday and haven't gotten my hands on it yet! So I cannot review it for you, but I can tell you it's gotten great reviews on every website I've seen that carries it. I have read an except Mr. Hofmann posted on his blog and liked what I read. I will be reading and reviewing the entire book oh so soon!

If you wanna enter this giveaway, here's what ya do:

-leave a comment on this post briefly sharing how transracial adoption affects your life (i.e. my niece is transracially adopted)
-put your email address at the end of your comment so I can contact you should you win.
That's it!

Chances for extra entries:

-you will receive an extra entry for every time you have previously commented on I Am A Black Mother IF you comment on this post
-follow I Am A Black Mother (if you were a follower previous to this giveaway you will receive two extra entries IF you comment on this post)
-subscribe to I Am A Black Mother and comment again telling me you did
-subscribe to My Mind On Paper and comment again telling me you did
-Facebook about this giveaway including link and share your FB name in your comment
-Tweet about this giveaway including link and share your Twitter ID in your comment
-blog about this giveaway including a link and leave a link to your post in your comment.

Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, April 13th at 11:59 PM MST. The winner will be announced and emailed by Friday, April 15th, and have three days to claim their prize. If after three days the winner has not claimed his or her prize a new winner will be selected.

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  1. I am a mother to two amazing Ethiopian born boys! And soon to add two Congolese children as well!

  2. I am the mother of three biological and two transracially adopted children. I have read Kevin's blog a few times but haven't had the chance to read his book yet.

  3. I am the mother of a transracially adopted daughter. I appriciate the insight of Kevin's blog and would LOVE to have a copy of his book.


  4. I am a mother of a full AA 3 year old girl. I am looking into all the resources I have because I know the questions are going to start very soon. I love we have blogs like these for support and answers. I would love to read this book. No matter what, it is going on my reading list.


  5. I am the mother of a transracially adopted daughter. I think this book sounds wonderful!

  6. How fun! I can't wait for the webinar! I am the mother of two black children. :)


  7. I love Kevin's blog. I am a mom to an African beauty who is 8 years old :) Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!!
    SA3 at aol.com

  8. My daughter is African American. I would love to read this book!


  9. I am now a follower!


  10. I am a transracial adoptive Momma to Princess S! And we are in the process of adopting transracially again! :)

  11. I'm a new follower! :)

  12. I am the mother of 3 bio blondes and we have adopted one bi racial (black/white) daughter (18 mos) and have a foster baby who is AA that we will adopt this summer (she is 12 months). Lots of joy and color in our house! I read and research constantly and also advocate every chance I get for those of us who have transracial families!

  13. We just adopted a baby boy, who is Filipino/AA. We have two daughters through adoption (ages 8 and 4). Both are caucasian. So we are new to being a transracial family and I am trying to educate myself as much as possible. I've been to a lot of classes at the FSA conference since we were on the National Board and feel like I know some of the issues, but am REALLY needing more information. So I would LOVE, LOVE to win this :>!

  14. I forgot to post my email address... tacobelnap@msn.com

  15. Yay! I just got done:

    putting a link on my blog - www.daveangiefamily.blogspot.com
    posting it on FB - Angela Hebdon Belnap
    subscribing and following your blog
    subscribing to "My Mind on Paper"

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to possibly win this book!

  16. Adoptive mama of two devastatingly handsome multiracial little boys.


  17. I am blessed enough to be a mommy to a full AA 4 year old boy and a caucasion blonde hair blued eyed biological 20 month old daughter. My amazing little boy is starting to ask questions more and more and my husband and I want to address them the best way possible. I would love love love to win this book, thanks for the opportunity.
    Natalie Glenn

  18. i am the proud mama to a 3-year-old AA girl, and loving every minute of it! :-)

  19. I am the mother of a handsome Full AA 3 year old boy. I just became a follower of your blog this weekend and I would love to win to continue my education on the how to raise my son the greatest way possible. Thanks for the giveway. krissuli_20@yahoo.com

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  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. We plan to adopt trans racially.

  24. In the process of becoming the transracial adoptive mother of 2 beautiful children from Ghana, West Africa.

    New follower of your blog as well as Kevin's...excited to learn from you both as we prepare for our son & daughter to come home forever!


  25. Just subscribed to My Mind on Paper.

  26. Thank you, Christy, but the giveaway has already ended. Check back very soon for the next one!


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