09 April 2011

Over The Moon

An Adoption Tale
by Karen Katz

The summary on the front inside of the dust cover reads: "'Your baby has been born! She is wonderful. Come quickly and get her.' This magical, reassuring story of one adoptive family's beginnings, told in words and pictures that are just right for the youngest child - an ideal story to share with families everywhere."

On the back inside of the dust cover is a blurb about the author. I will share part of it here. "Ms. Katz says the inspiration for Over The Moon came after she and her husband went to Central America to adopt their daughter, Lena."

This is a beautiful book. The words and pictures are beautiful and touching, and the summary is right - they're just right for the youngest child. A child of any age would love this book. It talks about how a woman and her husband dreamed about a baby, how everyone kept asking if the baby is coming soon, and how they got a phone call that she had been born. It talks about all the different baby things they packed, how they "jumped" into the car and drove to the airport, and flew "to a faraway place where their baby was waiting". It talks about how they got to the hotel and unpacked and got the room ready for their new baby, how excited they were, and how they finally saw her through the window "carried by the kind people who had taken care of her". It talks about how happy they were to finally hold her, how nervous they were because they had never taken care of a baby before, how they told her "the story of how she came to be their little girl", and how they flew back home and the baby was welcomed by everyone.

"That first night the parents lay their baby down to sleep and said, 'Forever and always we will be your mommy and daddy. Forever and always you will be our child.' And they kissed her good night."

Though the baby is meant to be Hispanic (there is a picture of Lena on the back inside dust cover) the baby looks like my African American baby. It does not specifically say where the baby was born. Just mentions a sea, and mountains, beautiful violet flowers, and colorful birds.

I love this book. I adore it. Very sweet story, very well written, beautiful pictures.

Is this book in your home? Do you and your kids love it too?

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