04 April 2011

Three Little Piggies

I've been trying to do her hair every Saturday evening and hoping it stays in for a week. Sometimes the rubber bands pop and I have to replace them, but so far it's been holding a week. Every two weeks or so I give her hair a rest and just do headbands for a week. When I do her hair I try to move the parts around so her hair isn't always being pulled in one direction. This time I really changed up the parts. I left her little bangs because I love them so much, and gave her three little piggies, one in the middle, and two on the sides. The parts aren't perfect, but pretty good for them being on a wiggly little baby. Don't forget to use lots of coconut oil to protect the hair from the rubber bands even if the ones you use are not supposed to damage hair. (The brush in the background of the third pic is big brother's. He has to get his brush out when I'm doing sissy's hair.) She's still too young to sleep on her belly, so she has a bit of a bald patch on the back of her head. I let it be the back bottom part and left the hair underneath it loose. It'll be comfy for her when she sleeps, and it doesn't look bad either. Sometimes I put ballies or bows in the piggies if we're going somewhere.

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