16 April 2011

What I Like About Me!

A Book Celebrating Differences
by Allia Zobel-Nolan, illustrated by Miki Sakamoto

The summary on the back of the book reads, "The kids in What I Like About Me! are as different as night and day. And guess what? They love it. Some adore the fact their braces dazzle and gleam. Others feel distinguished when they wear their glasses. Still others wouldn't trade their big feet for a lifetime of free video games. This fun-loving book proves to kids that, in a world where fitting in is the norm, being different is what makes us special."

This is not a book about adoption or transracial families or any of the kind. It is a book "celebrating differences" in children. The book show many different looking children, points out how they are different, and how each child likes this different feature of theirs. The book mentions spiky hair, curly hair, being short or tall, having a uni-brow, having big ears, freckles, braces, glasses, different lunches of a burrito, sushi, or curry (and showing a picture of a Hispanic, an Asian, and an Indian child), big feet, and funny shoes. The last part of the book reads:

"We are all different, certainly.
I'm not like you. You're not like me.
That's why we think that life is great.
So join us as we celebrate."

My son loves this book. He calls it "children" and asks, "read children please?" I like it too. It's fun to read and is well written. It'll be a regular in our home.

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