04 May 2011

Curls & 'Fros

A couple of weeks ago was a take-a-break week for Destiny's hair. No twisting or rubber bands. Then we got busy and take-a-break week lasted another week. Here are some pics. The first picture shows what her hair looks like most of the time just around the house. I have looked at other black hair blogs and haven't seen many pictures of undone hair so I thought I'd share one myself. The second picture was taken at a community Easter egg hunt and shows a simple headband style. The next picture is a close-up of her gorgeous curls we achieved by leaving in a handful of and combing through with a very wide-tooth comb. The fourth picture was taken Easter morning. Instead of a headband, which she tends to pull off, I opted for a Springy little flower clip. I rubber banded a small section of hair first so the clip would have something to clip on to. The first two bath pictures show what her hair looks like after a no-shampoo, only water (and whatever soap is in the water), wash. Shared the last bath picture to show (a) how long her hair is, and (b) how cute she is with that look on her face. The last four pictures were taken the afternoon after the morning I coconut oil slathered her hair and combed out the fuzzies. Doesn't she look beautiful in an afro? Notice the red satin wrapped around her crib mattress to help protect her hair from breakage. Her hair is certainly long enough to braid. I have attempted it, but she's just too young to be able to sit still well enough to get a decent braid or two in. I'm gonna keep trying though! I can hardly wait for braids and beads. Instead I came up with something new. Check back soon for those pictures!

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