22 May 2011

Free Adoption Webinar

International or Domestic Adoption?
A LIVE Webinar hosted by Lifetime Adoption Center

Your FIRST adoption decision
will affect the outcome of your adoption.

If you're thinking about adoption you may be weighing the options you have between international and domestic adoptions. You may have become filled with questions about how you'll decide which to pursue.

For many, deciding to adopt internationally or within the US may be one of the hardest decisions along the adoption journey.
Join us Tuesday, May 24th at:
  • 7pm Pacific Time
  • 8pm Mountain Time
  • 9pm Central Time
  • 10pm Eastern Time
This FREE Adoption Webinar is easy to attend and will allow you to interact with the hosts during the call, if you attend ONLINE.
When you register you will receive details about how to attend LIVE this Tuesday. You can attend online or by phone.
This information will impact your adoption!
Register to reserve your spot today!
We hope to meet you there!

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