06 May 2011

Tell Me Again

About The Night I Was Born
by Jamie Lee Curtis, illustrated by Laura Cornell

The description on the front inside dust cover:

"Tell me again about the night I was born...
Tell me again how you would adopt me and be my parents...
Tell me again about the first time you held me in your arms...

"In asking her mother and father to tell her again about the night of her birth, a young girl shows that it is a cherished tale she knows by heart. Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell come togehter once again to create a unique celebration of the love and joy a baby brings into the world. TELL ME AGAIN ABOUT THE NIGHT I WAS BORN is a heartwarming story, not only of how one child is born but of how a family is born."

A little girl hold up her lifebook and wants to be told again about the night she was born. She knows it so well she goes through the story herself. "Tell me again how you and Daddy were curled up like spoons and Daddy was snoring... Tell me again how you got on an airplane with my baby bag and flew to get me and how there was no movie, only peanuts... Tell me again how you couldn't grow a baby in your tummy, so another woman who was too young to take care of me was growing me and she would be my birth mother, and you would adopt me and be my parents... Tell me again about the first time you held me in your arms and called me your baby sweet. Tell me again how you cried happy tears... Tell me again about our first night as a family."

This is a dang cute book. Adorable. Sweet. Funny. Some of the words will bring a tear to your eye and some will bring a chuckle to your lips. The illustrations are treasures. I could look at them over and over and see something new and hilarious every time. To mommy's "Slim Thighs in 30 Days" book on her nightstand to the naughty things the kids on the airplane are doing. To the woman in the hospital with screaming septuplets to the crazy people rushing through the airport. To the box of "BIONIC diapers, HOLDS UP TO 2 GALLONS" box of diapers to the dog laying in bed beside the girl with curlers in her fur and a life book of her own. You will love this book. We sure do.

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