02 September 2011

First Box Braids

As I first started looking into black baby hair styles, even before our daughter came home, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that "box braids" are just braids. I can do that! Now that baby girl's hair is getting so long I attempted it. Didn't turn out too bad! A few notes: The snaps on the ends are too large to wrap the hair around the hinge and snap close. They just fell right out. The other ones you've seen me use (ie HERE) are too small. Even with the little bit of hair at the end of her braids they would not snap shut. So, I rubberbanded the ends, after making sure they were rubbed with coconut oil to protect, and snapped the snaps on top of the rubberbands. In the first picture the white snap on top almost didn't hold because there was too much hair in the rubberband. It came unsnapped a few times during church, so I just took all the snaps out when we got home and let her have just rubberbands for the rest of the week. I purchased both these snaps from Snapaholics. Another note, her baby bald spot is still growing out in the back so the hair next to her neck is very uneven. I slathered it in coconut oil to protect and put a rubberband next to her scalp, then braided in two spots. You can see one in the picture, bottom right. The second picture is just a fun picture showing what her hair looked like when I took the braids out. Needs more oil!

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  1. Wow I so love this entry. I have been trying to figure out how to do this on my daughters hair and I just had no clue. she is almost fifteen months now. The last time i tried touching her hair she pushed me away. I think my manly hands are too rough on her, but I still want to do it! Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Thank you! I don't think it's your hands. Little kids just don't want their hair pulled at, no matter how softly. We started early just playing with her hair and combing through with a wide tooth comb to get her used to it. You may need to try a month or so of this first. The key is practice. I've only done box braids this once! Your parts and braids will get better and better and your daughter will get better at sitting. By the time school comes she'll have beautiful braids!


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