29 September 2011

San Diego

Recently we went to Sea World in San Diego, California. I don't know if it's just San Diego, or maybe just the part of San Diego we were in, but I was surprised to see hardly any black people. I thought most big cities are diverse. Maybe we weren't far enough into the city. I don't know.

Another observation is that our transracial family got no extra attention. No one paid us any more attention than any other family. No one stared or took a second look. No one said how great we were for adopting Destiny, or how cute black babies are, or anything. It was wooonderful. We were treated as a family, not a different family. It made our vacation even more enjoyable.

Another observation: not everyone loves Shamu.

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  1. I live in San Diego and my family looks like yours. Part of why you may not have seen many black people at Sea World is because...it's Sea World. It is very expensive to get in and the fact is that many black people cannot afford it (neither can white people, but we all know the socioeconomic realities of America). If you go east by about ten minutes, you'll find greater diversity. We live near SDSU, and have many black families in our community. We have purposefully sought out a diverse neighborhood in which to live and a diverse school for our daughter. But San Diego is not a tremendously diverse city.

  2. Thank you! This is exactly the kind of comment I was looking for - someone who is from the area who knows for sure. Our trip actually wasn't that expensive. Our kids were young enough to be free, we got discounted tickets, we stayed in a cheap motel, and we drove instead of flying. Sure, we should have put that few hundred dollars toward paying off adoption fees, but since our family has not been on a vacation we figured we'd sacrifice a bit and save for one. It turned out to be affordable though we weren't sure it would be. That being said it still may not have been affordable for some. We did go out and about in the surrounding neighborhoods a bit, but apparently not enough to learn about the city's diversity. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i live in north san diego county and there are very few black families in our area. i feel that north county is extremely segregated. i'm not from the area and it is one of my least favourite things about living here. don't get me started on legoland, either. talk about not seeing any diversity ANYWHERE.... :-/

  4. Interesting. Thank you for sharing!


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