02 October 2011

Transracial Adoption and Religion

Though I am far from perfect, the area of my life that I most strive to be perfect in is parenting. Being a momma is the one thing I have always wanted and so is most important to me. At times I lose sight of this, but ultimately I always come back to this realization and reexamine my parenting techniques.

Parenting a transracially adopted child brings on many more parenting challenges. It's undeniable. I am still in the infancy stage of learning the best way to handle these additional challenges, but every day I strive to learn more. Every day I observe, research, think, conclude, and sometimes share with you. The next day after learning or thinking about something new my conclusions may change. In my opinion the best parent will always be able to consider the thought they are wrong, or at least not completely correct, in their parenting techniques and explore other techniques.

This being said, I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus and His teachings. While I am not the type of Christian who prays and leaves the rest up to God, but rather prays and then does my part to help God help me, I do believe that after all I can do God will do the rest. I also believe that though teaching my black child about black history, culture, etc. is very important (something I need to do better at), that teaching her about our Heavenly Father and His gospel is a number one priority (something else I can do better at). I believe if I do my best with parenting my children, including my transracially adopted daughter, that our Heavenly Father will help with what I am unable to do if I ask.

Due to my religious beliefs, I also believe that "God is no respecter of persons" (Acts 10:34). He does not look at a transracial family any different than a family that all share the same race. He has the ultimate eternal perspective which does not include race and the earthly stereotypes that go with it. And one day, should we live His commandments, we will live with Him and none of these transracial issues will exist. Skin color will not matter. (Yes, yes, I know we are not there yet and so it does matter right now, but that is not what I'm currently talking about).

Lastly, I believe that though people may have a problem with transracial adoption, that God does not. People may say that children should be adopted into a family of their own race, but God does not. People may say that a child transracially adopted cannot grow up well adjusted, but God does not. I tend to believe God over man.

"And He took a child, and set him in the midst of them: and when He had taken him in His arms, He said unto them, Whosoever shall receive one of such children in My Name, receiveth me..." (Mark 9:36-37).

Art: "Christ and Children" by Del Parson

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