01 November 2011


You might remember THIS POST where I shared with you pictures of the Disney princess doll I bought for my daughter. It's no secret I dislike Disney princesses, but since this doll was a younger and more modest version of Tiana, and was so cute, I decided to get it anyway. Right before my daughter's birthday I changed my mind. Just couldn't do it. So I returned the thing. Yeah, she might get to lovin' Disney princesses no matter what I do, but I can put it off as long as possible, right?

I went to The Patty Cake Doll Company's website and looked around. I fell in love with a few dolls and had a hard time deciding on which one to get. In the end I got the one that most looked like a baby that my daughter could play momma with. I aim to get the other couple of dolls I fell in love with every other year or so.

So, without further ado, here is the baby doll my girl got for her first birthday:

I love her facial features.

I think my baby loves her baby too.

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