30 November 2011

Muscley / Question For You

My baby was a chubby baby, which I loved. 'Round about her first birthday she started thinning out. Not only that, but she became muscley! I see a bit of a six pack! Also, this girl is strong! Now a days when I hold her and she's squirmy her body feels hard with muscles and I can barely keep her in my arms if she's determined to get loose 'cause she's so strong.

I have a question for you! I've heard some people say my baby is muscley due to her race, but I'm more inclined to think it's genetics, as in it runs in her biological family. What do you think? Know? Have any links to articles, etc. that answer this question?

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  1. I don't have any hard facts for you, but a friend of mine had a personal trainer tell her that ethnic people have denser muscle mass than white people. Who knows if that's true and to what extent for different ethnic backgrounds (my friend isn't AA), but my 4 y/o son is MUCH stronger than my older bio kids were at his age and you can see the cut of his muscles in his legs and back and have been able to since he was quite small.

  2. The belief that black people are stronger and more muscular is from back in slaves times when it was used as a justification of their forced circumstance. "These people are made for work! Strong and sturdy, they can endure anything..." So while I don't want to label this perception as racist because not everyone today is aware of the stereotypes they are feeding into, it is definitely based off of these ignorant racist justifications.

    Some families whether black, white, latino or whomever have certain genetic predispositions and I sure a lower BMI could be one of them, just as a high metabolism is sometimes a trait passed down. These traits can be passed irregardless of race.

    I just finished reading an article that describes the common nature vs nurture debate. While her body composition could be influenced biologically from her parents, her environment also plays a crucial role in what you see in your daughter as well. The combination of her genetics and your lifestyle (which I am assuming is healthy since she looks like a very happy baby)could be the result of her physique. So you could run into a situation where her biological siblings may not have her same build, because they were raised in a different environment.

    Mommy, you have a bigger impact than you might think on who she is and is becoming. :)


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