30 November 2011

Winter Hats

This is my family at our church's trunk-or-treat. Besides showing off how cute they are, I wanted to talk about winter hats. This fleece hat sucked all the moisture right out of my baby girl's hair. I started looking around the internet for solutions. We live in a state that has cold winters. a winter hat is a must, even though her hair is thick. Her ears will freeze! We tried ear muffs, but she just wouldn't keep them on. I found that most mothers of African American babies and children use winter hats lined with satin. Some buy hats and line them themselves. Some make the hats from scratch. Some buy them online. The place I've found the most variety of these satin-lined winter hats is etsy.com. Happy shopping!

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  1. Thanks for the tip - I've been wondering how to keep our little guy's hair nice while keeping him warm.

  2. Dad's face is too interesting.This winter hats is so cute.lol.

  3. You are a good mama. I have enjoyed reading your blog. If you are looking for satin lined hats, or just satin linings, you can find them here at http://threadmill.etsy.com. Rock on sweet mama!

  4. Thanks! This past Winter I bought a satin cap at Walmart and sewed it into a regular winter hat and it worked great. Your hats are sure cute.


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