14 June 2011

Up To?

Still workin' on that basement family room after the pipe leak. Walls painted, carpet mostly down, trim painted and will start to be put up this evening. Planning on having it all done by Friday (minus the one part of carpet that still needs to be laid on the landing), and then Monday we are having the carpets in the rest of the house cleaned since they look so bad compared to the new caret. :) Sooo, Next week I should have time to get back to blogging, right? Hmm. Well then I will be getting ready to leave on a three week visit with the babies back home in my beloved South. I'm sure I'll find things there to blog about. Then of course I'll be gone for three weeks and Momma's house is in the middle of nowhere and can only get dial-up. Yeah. So I probably won't be blogging much there. Point is it may be a bit before I return, but I WILL return. I love this blog and I love the subject matter, and I love sharing it with you. Until then, HAPPY SUMMER!

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