30 November 2011

Jesus & Santa, Black or White

There are some beautiful images of African-American Jesus Christs all over the internet. I wanted to post one of my favorites, but I couldn't find one that is copyright free. While I celebrate the right of religious freedom, including Christians worshiping whatever race of Jesus Christ they wish, Jesus was not a black man. However, he was also not the pale white man in most artist's depictions of Him either. Jesus was born Jewish. While the modern image of a Jewish person may be varied, the image of a Jewish person around the time and place Jesus was born is fairly predictable - vaguely being olive skinned with wavy or curly, dark hair. I searched for an image of this type of man and found one. It is called "1st Century Semitic Man" by Donato Giancola. Click here to view it. All this being said we must remember that Jesus' Father is our Heavenly Father. Do you know what He looks like? Was Jesus, as our modern language would say, biracial? Besides, does Jesus look the same now as He did when He was on Earth? To me these are questions that need not be answered. I support all religions (well, ones that do not pose a threat to my family, but that's a whole other can of worms), and I support Christians worshiping whatever race of Jesus their family chooses.

Now Santa is different because I know Jesus Christ is a real person and Santa Claus is not. Since Santa is imaginary I believe he can be any race anyone wants him to be. I've heard that he's magic and can change to look like the people in the house he's visiting at the time. Well, that won't work for our family since we don't all look the same.

I am a Christian. I have struggled with whether or not to tell my children that Santa exists. I have thought long and hard about it and in the end I decided Santa will be a part of our Christmas', but not a large part. This post is not about that particular parental decision.

Since I've decided not to boycott Santa I have to think about Santa's race. His race may not be an issue this year, but I feel I should make this kind of decision in advance so I don't have to make spur-of-the-moment decisions later. I want to have clear in my mind what I will say. As far as how often my children see an image of Santa, I own the old Christmas classic TV shows I watched as a child, but am leaning toward not showing them any longer in our home. I have talked to my almost three year old son about Santa, but am starting to regret it. I don't have to make the choice as to what race(s) the images of Santa will be in our home because I do not want images of Santa in our home. They are, however, in every store we go into, in other people's homes, in outdoor decorations we pass, and almost everywhere else we look in December. So the question of Santa's race may come up. As of right now I honestly do not have a clear answer in my mind as to what answer I will give my child(ren) if or when they ask. I am still thinking on it. I know it's not a serious subject, but I still want to know how I feel is the best way to answer the question of Santa's race, and I do not know that yet. Have you made a decision? If so, and are willing to share it, what decision has your family come to?

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Taliah Waajid's Children Products

In my Hair Care tab at the top of this blog I mention that I do not use shampoo and just scrub her hair with my fingers while her hair is under water and then condition with Taliah Waajid's Enhancing Herbal Conditioner. (Click here for my review of that product.) I read somewhere that the scalp is like any other skin on your body, and you wash that with soap, so of course you should use soap on your scalp too. I figured I'd try that out. I LOVE Taliah Waajid's Enhancing Herbal Conditioner, so I stuck with their products to look for a shampoo for baby girl's hair. I found out that they have children's products HERE. I ordered them - the Kinky, Wavy, Natural Berry Clean Three In One, the Kinky, Wavy, Natural Herbal Style & Shine, and the Kinky, Wavy, Natural Easy Herbal Comb Out.

The Berry Clean is a shampoo. I love it! It cleans her hair beautifully without drying it out, which makes no sense, but it really does. Her hair feels and looks "squeaky clean", but doesn't feel dried out somehow. The Herbal Comb Out is a conditioner. It's amazing too. I run my fingers through her hair upward to get rid of all the loose hair and my fingers slide easily. At first I lightly rinsed it out, but after a few weeks I decided to just leave it in. It coats and moisturizes well, but I am going back to the Enhancing Herbal Conditioner. The Enhancing Herbal Conditioner coats even better and seems thicker and is available in more of a bulk size. The Style & Shine is for styling. It's not my favorite. It's thick and smells great and a little goes pretty far, but it's very near too thick and doesn't dry clear if you use just a bit too much. Though the Style & Shine may be a better treatment for my daughter's hair, I'm going to stick with using Aussie's Moist Conditioner (also mentioned in my Hair Care tab) for styling for now.

So I need to update my Hair Care section. I now wash once a week with Taliah Waajid's Kinky, Wavy, Natural Berry Clean Three In One, leave-in-condition twice a week with Taliah Waajid's Enhancing Herbal Conditioner, and style with Aussie's Moist Conditioner.

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Winter Hats

This is my family at our church's trunk-or-treat. Besides showing off how cute they are, I wanted to talk about winter hats. This fleece hat sucked all the moisture right out of my baby girl's hair. I started looking around the internet for solutions. We live in a state that has cold winters. a winter hat is a must, even though her hair is thick. Her ears will freeze! We tried ear muffs, but she just wouldn't keep them on. I found that most mothers of African American babies and children use winter hats lined with satin. Some buy hats and line them themselves. Some make the hats from scratch. Some buy them online. The place I've found the most variety of these satin-lined winter hats is etsy.com. Happy shopping!

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Muscley / Question For You

My baby was a chubby baby, which I loved. 'Round about her first birthday she started thinning out. Not only that, but she became muscley! I see a bit of a six pack! Also, this girl is strong! Now a days when I hold her and she's squirmy her body feels hard with muscles and I can barely keep her in my arms if she's determined to get loose 'cause she's so strong.

I have a question for you! I've heard some people say my baby is muscley due to her race, but I'm more inclined to think it's genetics, as in it runs in her biological family. What do you think? Know? Have any links to articles, etc. that answer this question?

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I guess they're not really puffs since I try to keep her hair so moisturized it's usually curly, but it's the same style.
Pretty self-explanatory. I used Proclaim rubberbands from Sally's that won't damage the hair, and put in a couple bows.
Her hair was long enough to stretch into puffs, but it didn't last long. By the end of the day the back of her hair had fell out and was fuzzy. So since then I've been doing four puffs until her hair gets a bit longer.
Here's my beautiful girl.

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Lulu's Busy Day

"A perfect first picture book."
by Caroline Uff

"Come and spend a busy day with Lulu - in the park with the ducks and home again for playtime, dinnertime, and bedtime."

This is a cute little book perfect for young children. It is one of my son's favorites. It follows Lulu through one of her normal busy days. It's not about adoption or transracial families. The reason I post about it is that it shows friends of different races playing in a book for very young children. Lulu could be Caucasian or Hispanic, and she meets up with her best friend in the park who could be Hispanic, but looks African American to me. My two year old has it just about memorized, the words are so little kid friendly. "High high, up in the sky. Lulu plays on the swings with her best friend." Great, great book.

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01 November 2011


You might remember THIS POST where I shared with you pictures of the Disney princess doll I bought for my daughter. It's no secret I dislike Disney princesses, but since this doll was a younger and more modest version of Tiana, and was so cute, I decided to get it anyway. Right before my daughter's birthday I changed my mind. Just couldn't do it. So I returned the thing. Yeah, she might get to lovin' Disney princesses no matter what I do, but I can put it off as long as possible, right?

I went to The Patty Cake Doll Company's website and looked around. I fell in love with a few dolls and had a hard time deciding on which one to get. In the end I got the one that most looked like a baby that my daughter could play momma with. I aim to get the other couple of dolls I fell in love with every other year or so.

So, without further ado, here is the baby doll my girl got for her first birthday:

I love her facial features.

I think my baby loves her baby too.

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