23 February 2012

Infant Hair Saver

Months ago I purchased a satin fitted crib sheet for baby girl's crib to help prevent hair breakage. I tested it for a good long while before telling you about it to see if it'd help her hair. It has done great! I ordered it from Infant Hair Saver dot com. These "hair savers" were invented by a mother of four who had problems with infant hair loss in her children. She personally hand-crafts each one. " The Infant Hair Saver is a square or rectangular pad made of a washable, high quality satin with a thin 1/4" non-slip foam backing. " She also has available "Mini" Infant Hair Savers for carseats and strollers, standards crib fitted satin sheets (which is what I purchased), and can create custom sized fitted sheets as requested. The crib sheet has been tried and tested with us and that's why I'm endorsing this product here. We will use this product with all our children - ethnic hair or not. Happy shopping!

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  1. Hi! my name is emily and I am an adoptive mom:) I was just wondering, how do these sheets compare with just using sating cloth in the crib?

  2. Thank you for your question! Our daughter is, and has been for a while, at the age where she turns every which way while sleeping. So her head never stayed on the satin cloth. That's when we switched to a satin crib sheet. Hope that helps!


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