21 February 2012

It's A Big Big World: Everybody's Different

I saw this at our local library and decided to check it out.There are five episodes all about how everybody is different in different ways.

The first episode "World Tree Cuisine" focuses on how everyone wants their favorite food to be included in the celebratory cake. It points out that we all have different likes and tastes.

The second episode "Ick Alone" a fish named Ick wants a bird named Burdette to move out of the jungle. Towards the end we learn it is because he has heard that birds eat fish and he is afraid. After admitting to his friends what's bothering him he learns that different birds eat different things. In my opinion, it opens the door to teaching children how to deal with someone not liking them and not wanting to play with them without knowing why, and also how to talk about what might be bothering them about someone else so they can learn the truth about that person.

In the third episode "One Monkey Too Many" Wartz the frog wants to be a monkey and tries unsuccessfully all day with his monkey friends. In the end he remembers all the wonderful things about bring a frog and decided to just be him. I think it can help young children begin to learn that they can like themselves for who they are and how they are different from everyone else.

The fourth is called "Ant Ray Vision". The main character, Snook the sloth, follows a butterfly to see the world from a butterfly's point of view. Another friend, Bob the anteater, tried to follow ants to see the world from their point of view, get to know them better, and make them love him. Snook does it the right way by being gentle and observant, and Bob tried too hard. Children learn how the world looks from a small creature's point of view, and in the meantime can learn that everybody sees things differently and so has a different opinion of the same world.

The last episode is called "The Big Race". A relay race is organized and we see that everyone runs/flies/swims/etc. the race at their own pace. Again a show of how everyone can do things differently but not any one way is or right. Everyone "get[s] around" differently. Children also learn that no matter how fast we run there is always someone who can run faster, and that's okay.

We will be adding this DVD to our home library.

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  1. I forgot all about this cartoon series! It was on PBS when EJ was a baby and he LOVED it....in fact, it was the first show that ever caught his attention on TV. From what I remember, the songs and tones in which they talk and interact with each other is very soothing. I'm going to head to the library and get these....I think my little lady will love it too.


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