05 November 2012


I'm back. I hope. Oh my. I have so much I want to post. Our family grew in June and I have things saved up since then, and actually since before then, that I've wanted to share. I will get there, friends. For now a quick family update.

Long story short we supposedly have a slim chance of conceiving, of it being a healthy pregnancy, and of me carrying a baby to term. As I've mentioned before, the way we found this out was by our first baby being born still. Afterward, during the adoption process, we became pregnant and put adoption on hold to see if the pregnancy would result in a baby. It did and on this blog I refer to him as "Miracle". Since that supposed slim chance was still there, and because we strongly felt we were meant to adopt, we applied for adoption again and our second daughter, referred to on this blog as "Destiny", came to us. Then I felt that somehow another baby would be born to us. Thanks to a friend we learned about the treatment methods of a certain doctor and in June our third daughter was born to us. Here on this blog we will refer to her as "Phenom". Phenom is now almost five months old, so even though the holiday craziness is starting, the new baby phase is calming, so I'm hoping to return to this blog. Here's a not-us-at-our-best, but best-one-we-have, recent family picture.

Here's hoping I can catch up soon!

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  1. Just found your blog today so I didn't even know you were gone! Congrats on #3!


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