21 June 2013


Out of the blue yesterday, my daughter who will soon be three looked at my husband and said, "Guess who's adopted?" Then she turned her thumb toward herself. My husband asked her what "adopted" means, and she shrugged her shoulders.

She's too young to understand "adopted" fully, but she knows she's different. She's knows "adopted" is one of her labels. I think what brought this up is a new book I bought. "Rosie's Family". I will review it later, but sufficient to say I like it. She is just beginning to learn what all this adoption stuff means. She's just beginning to actually think about it all.

I have always taught my children about adoption. She's heard about it her whole little life. One of the ways I do this is to explain how all babies grow in a woman's belly, "L" grew in momma's belly, and "M" grew in Miss "N"'s belly. "L" started catching on at about this same age. Maybe a bit later. I suppose it's "M"'s turn now.

I'm nervous. I want to tread carefully and say the right things. I want her to know different is not bad. That adoption is not strange. I am so glad she and "P" have each other. Many things running through my mind. What has been a help to you in teaching your child(ren) about adoption?

And since it's been forever since you've seen a picture of "M", and she's just grown so much, here's a picture of my silly goose of a girl.

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