Black and White
Sometimes on this blog I use the word "black" instead of African American and the word "white" instead of Caucasian.  I don't take offense at being referred to as "white".  Every African American person I've talked to about it, or read about their opinion on it, does not take offense at being called "black".  I use "black" and "white" here because these words are generally known and accepted as describing these two races.
"Black" and "white" is confusing for children because they look at themselves and others and do not see white or black.  They see peach or tan.  They see brown, light brown, or dark brown.  I do not wish to teach my children "black" and "white" because of this reason.  Little children do not understand the concept of race.  All they see is color.  There is a difference and I will let them see it that way as long as possible.  When the time comes to learn about races I will teach them "African American" and "Caucasian".

Our Real Names?
I do not use our real names. When I first started this blog I used code names. My son was "Miracle", and my oldest daughter we adopted was "Destiny". Then our family grew by two in nine months and code names was just too much to keep up with. So I now use the first initial of their real names.

Why Are Comments Moderated? / Why Wasn't My Comment Approved?
It should be obvious that I won't approve any obscene, vulgar, etc. comments.  However, I also won't approve any comments that contain personal information about me or my family.  So if you know me, please be careful what you type.

Why are your pictures marked "property of"?  I have another blog.  An image from it was taken and posted elsewhere on the world wide web.  It made me leery of posting images of my children on my blogs.  I didn't want to delete my blogs so the next best solution was to mark my photos.
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